September: Intonation Mastery
October: Vocabulary Expansion
November: Pronunciation Perfection Vowels
December: Grammar Refinement
January: Pronunciation Perfection Consonants
February: Written Expression in English
March: Intonation Mastery
April: Vocabulary Expansion
May: Pronunciation Perfection Vowels
June: Grammar Refinement
July: Pronunciation Perfection Consonants
August: Written Expression in English

Intonation Insights

Download the workbook and use it as you follow along with the video teaching. Then practice the exercises the remainder of the month.

Watch this video during the first week of the month. You can replay it as many times as you need to. Please do not copy or share it with anyone. This is to protect your content as a paying member of this group.

Attend one or both RPF sessions to review the teaching, practice and receive feedback from Lori and other group members. Let’s build community!

Remember, the links will be provided during the second half of the month. Check back here to join.

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