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In this course, you will:


Participate in weekly, hour-long individual live sessions with Lori, conducted online


Schedule your classes at a time that is convenient for you


Learn about:
  • the components of intonation in North American English, including pitch, stress, duration and rate
  • the 8 basic patterns of intonation we use in words
  • stress and emphasis in our longer messages
  • how to link our ideas fluently
  • emphatic intonation
  • word reductions


Receive top-notch 3rd party e-materials with audio clips for practice between sessions


Receive weekly session wrap-up emails with lists of exercises to practice


Receive practical downloadables in pdf form for practice and review


Have the ability to individualize your sessions to work on industry specific words that are troublesome for you


Practice what you’ve learned in oral reading tasks, role-plays, question/answer activities and conversation